Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Do You Express Yourself?

For every woman, it is so important to have a favorite activity that is her own that no one else can touch - something that is precious to you and you alone. For those of us that are married or in a committed relationship, it is so important to have that "me" time that is not to be shared. Not only does this nuture you spiritually, but it improves your relationship with your significant other. Men appreciate women who are independent and don't need to be with them every second and doing what they're doing. I know that Andy loves to see me thrive in an activity that I enjoy doing by myself. He's even told me that's sexy!

For me, my activity that I love doing the most by myself is riding horses. I have been riding horses since I was seven years old. No one else shared this love of horses with me. It's always been my "thing." I also enjoy going on hikes in the woods by myself. I love to be quiet in the woods where I hear nothing but the birds, the wind through the trees, and the sound of my own breath.

Tell me about your self-expressions. I want to hear how you enjoy yourself - whether it's through painting, dancing, or singing by yourself when no one is around. Celebrate these things about yourself. They are what make you special as a woman.

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